minecraft mania

Recently, I organised a ‘Minecraft Mania Party’ for my No.2’s 11th birthday. The theme says it all. He wanted a ‘Minecraft AND Football Party’. Like all mothers out there, our children’s wishes are often our command. Well, I said often but not always 🙂

For some reason I became a manic mumager, party organiser myself! Being an OCD sufferer with some sort of short attention span, I had to tell myself to persevere. And persevere I did! The fact that the actual party was about 2 weeks post his actual birthday provided me with enough guilt to work even harder! Oh and of course we had a football match afterwards too!! I had everything DIY-ed. From the invites to the food. I used the templates from http://pixelpapercraft.com/tags/official/block They have everything you could possibly need in the form of templates.

As for the text, you can easily download the ‘minecraftia’ font online. I decided to use the grass block template as the invite. I got some Chips Ahoy cookies (as they appear quite similar to the cookies in the game) and put them in small ziplock bags with the cookie stickers on each and every one of them. I then put each cookie in every grass block invite, so every kid will get a cookie with their invite! Further details of the party such as the day, date, venue, RSVP contacts were printed on a brown paper bag with the green Creeper printed on it. Easy peasy! 🙂


Next, I made some Minecraft Diamond Swords. Miniature ones, just for some fun, to be used as props at the party. Each kid gets their own Diamond Sword. All I needed was the sword template and a board to stick the template on. Since the sword was miniature in size, I used sticker papers, A4 sized. It made life so much easier! I also made some Creeper place mats for the table decoration. They were just plain felt mats from the craft shop and I used black Sharpie marker to draw the Creeper on them.


For the F&B, I tried to recreate the same kind of food you can find on Minecraft. I did some research online and they are abundant of ideas out there. I set up and decorated the table with green crepe papers, felt cloth, Creeper place mat, green paper plates, cups, miniature Diamond Sword, amongst other things. You can get the printable food labels from Jessica Hewitt of fiveinsix at http://fiveinsix.com/2013/08/minecraft-party-decoration-ideas-and-downloadable-printables.html An awesome website that provides you with all the food label tents! Jessica has even made it much easier with the downloadable PDF format. All you need to do is print them and fold, and you are good to go!


Table Decoration and Setting


Minecraft Water                                                       Creeper Juice

MM16 MM14

Creeper Pizza                                                          Coal

MM20 MM19

I organised two sets of games for the boys. We started off with the ‘Mining’ game. They boys had to look for irons and diamonds. Each iron was 10 point and diamond 20. We added some ‘spiders’ for effect. Spiders were bonus points. I used tin foils and scrunched them for the irons and blue coloured paper for diamonds. We had the game in our backyard so the irons and diamonds were hidden everywhere. The most tedious part, I have to say was painting the boxes. My dearest husband would sneak into our guest bedroom everyday after work and paint them patiently! So we had Steve, Creeper, Skeleton which were then customised to fit each boy so they could take their ‘character’ home with them!! We also had grass blocks, earth and TNT blocks as props for the mining game. The boys were such a fun bunch that they even pay-acted the whole mining scene using their Diamond swords! 🙂

MM11 MM1

The next game was the ‘Make Your Own Skin’ game. I set it up on our back balcony on a dining table. I had a huge stack of different coloured papers cut into 4x4cm and a black square board, stick on glues and a couple of scissors. It was such an easy game to organise and the boys actually put their heart into making their own skins! ❤

The winner of both games went home with a little prize each.

MM9 MM10 MM7 MM4 MM8

It wasn’t all over yet! The boys then went off for a football match at a field in our neighbourhood.

Next up, the Piñata!!! I made the Piñata from scratch but honestly it was not too difficult. All I needed was a good sized box, green spray paint, black paint, loads of green crepe paper, tapes, glue, strings, sweets, sweets and more sweets!!!

10647210_822949761069553_4169570254323449673_n 10678748_823016184396244_5742125782293737254_n MM25

Finally we had the cake! My one and only go-to person for cakes, Anizah. Not only she makes beautiful cakes but her cakes are absolutely the best you can ever possibly have. They are really, ‘truly scrumptious’. Definitely lives up to its name!https://www.facebook.com/pages/TrulyScrumptious/117039313617


My No.2 was overwhelmed as he did not expect it to be an almost full-blown Minecraft Mania. We did try to hide a lot of our ideas and plans from him, so it was quite a nice surprise.

To sum it all up, the boys had a blast and I was one happy mummy! ❤


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